ESAM side channel blowers are constructed from die cast aluminum alloy where possible. This ensures high productivity, decreases production cost, increases yield and promotes uniformity of quality.

The motors are built according to CEI 60034-1 (03-2011) standards, IP 55 protection, CL F insulation.

The operation of the side channel blowers-aspirators is based on the principle of the outflow of the fluid, by means of the vortices created by the centrifugal thrust of a particular impeller inside a peripheral toroidal channel.

This concept, combined with a high precision of the mechanical shims, in the points where this fluid is interrupted, allows to create pressure and vacuum, without there being contact between the rotating parts and the static parts.

The blowers therefore do not require lubrication or maintenance. The air moved by these devices is not contaminated, the operation is silent, continuous, without wear and without fluid pulsation.