In over thirty years of study and research, we have strived to design and manufacture machines and accessories with the most suitable features for different applications and uses. Aware that work is always an achievement that comes through years of study and commitment, since the beginning of our activity we have used study and research as an essential basis for:
- keeping our production up to date with technical progress; - being able to design and manufacture machines with an increasingly favourable relationship between energy consumption and work produced;
- achieving good and constantly verified quality, for our peace of mind and for that of our customers.
The group has earned the consideration of the markets by operating according to strategies giving priority to research, design, testing and realization of the finished product. On the market for over 30 years, Cattani S.p.A. with the Esam Industrial Division has gradually been specializing in air technology, in particular in suction and compressed air distribution plants.

Cattani S.p.A. with the Esam Industrial Division, thanks to the importance gained over the years is one of the most important industrial company in the field of air technology,.
The Esam industrial division of Cattani S.p.A. was established in 1984, when the decision was taken to widen the field of action from dentistry to industry.Today the company operates in the national and international field, being present in all continents.
The technology of the Cattani group has produced one of the components of the scientific equipment of the Shuttle, the NASA shuttle protagonist of many missions. The reliability of the company has led NASA to include Cattani group in the prestigious team of its suppliers, commissioning a compressor of 180 grams of weight with a pressure of up to 38 bar.

Quality comes first. We think that the price is not an absolute value. Our aim is to keep prices as lowest as possible, as far as they do not prevent to get all needed quality.

Company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015